My Original Paintings


All my paintings are in very fine oils. I don’t have a particular style as I enjoy painting many subjects, thus fit my style to the painting.

I paint many interesting subjects from natural scenes to abstract and modern. Bright or pastel colours. It all depends on the subject  that has attracted me or the commission I’m doing.

Many of my paintings are now in print and cards. Some people believed that this would lower the value of my work. Actually it is doing the opposite. More people see my work and I am becoming more in demand. Let me pose a question to you on this subject. Are the great Masters in print? Does it diminish their originals?

The obvious answer to these two Questions is, No. No matter how many prints of a painting, there can only ever be one original. The more people want to buy a print or card of a particular image, the more popular that image is, and consequently the more valuable it will become.

This has been very true of my work and I will continue to print those images that are popular. Having said that, should someone not want their picture in print they may purchase the copy right at time of sale and then have complete control over the reproduction or otherwise of their painting.

To see some of my other paintings already in print?

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